There’s not always enough time in the day to skim a lengthy, re-worded press release that’s been stamped with “breaking” or “exclusive.” And some stories don’t warrant an entire page of prose. Each week we’ll gather the most important tidbits of Dallas food news and post them here, on SideDish. Because sometimes all you need is the scoop.

Shake Shack announces opening date: Last October we mentioned that popular burger and hot dog restaurant, Shake Shack was going to open in The Crescent’s new park area at the corner of McKinney Avenue and Pearl Street. Well, that time has come. Shake Shack opens at 2500 N. Pearl St. on September 1 at 11 a.m. Expect a line.

Cane Rosso to open at The Star in Frisco: The popular wood-fired Neapolitan pizza restaurant is opening a Frisco location at The Star, the Dallas Cowboys’ new headquarters, next year. Owner Jay Jerrier sent this creative video with more details regarding the new location.

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  • kevin 2016.08.27 16:29
    You know what, to me, all burgers are the same. I mean... some are better than others.. but burgers are burgers...

  1. LA Han Bat Sul Lung Tang – Beef Bone Broth Soup

    Have you been to the Korean restaurant called ‘LA Han Bat Sul Lung Tang’ on Royal Lane and became disappointed? Well, I suggest that you pay another visit and see how you like it now. Ownership has changed. The new owner is the ...
    Date2016.12.05 ByAsiaInDallas Views518
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  2. Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ's hot seafood soup noodle

    Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ has a new menu out. It’s called ‘Hae-Mul Kal-Gook-Soo’. It’s basically a hot seafood soup noodle - not the ‘spicy’ hot, but ‘temperature hot’, as in ‘warm’. ...
    Date2016.12.02 ByAsiaInDallas Views400
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  3. Bonchon’s Crispy Korean Fried Chicken Is On The Way Back To DFW

    By Amy McCarthy Sep 22, 2016 | Dallas Eater ▲ Korean fried chicken brand Bonchon is coming back to DFW. The new store will located off of 121 between 423 and Plano Parkway For fans of crispy fried chicken and super spicy wings, the arrival o...
    Date2016.09.23 ByAsiaInDallas Views417
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  4. Bubble Jipangi Carrollton | Behold Texas' First Jipangi, The Slightly NSFW Looking Ice Cream Cones You Need To Try Now

    This ain't your average ice cream cone Article by Porttia Portis, September 1, 2016 | Photos by Kathy Tran | Dallas Eater With the exception of click-bait items like bowls made from churros and chocolate, the standard for edible ice crea...
    Date2016.09.05 ByAsiaInDallas Views412
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  5. Yatai Food Kart Kicks Traditional Ramen to the Curb

    By Cody Neathery | Dallas Observer | 2016 April 7 If there’s truth to the idea that big surprises come in small packages, a Fort Worth trailer measuring roughly 10-by-10 and located in the parking lot of Avoca coffee on Magnolia Stree...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views140
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  6. At the Boiling Crab, Waiting (and Waiting and Waiting) for Perfection

    By Scott Reitz | Dallas Observer | 2014 March 13 On the weekends outside The Boiling Crab the action in the parking lot is just shy of chaotic — not as bad as the pavement that surrounds Trader Joe's before a forecast dusting of s...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views193
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  7. A Tour of Dallas' Best Pho

    By Kathy Tran | Dallas Observer | 2014 November 19 Kathy Tran takes us on a short trip around Dallas' most awesome pho places. Click on each place's name for more info! CLICK Dallas Observer TO SEE THE SLIDES
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views91
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  8. Into the Kitchen at Koreatown's LA Han Bat, Home of Dallas' Unsung Soup Hero

    By Scott Reitz | Dallas Observer | 2014 December 10 Shul lung tang, at LA Han Bat and elsewhere, doesn't make a great first impression. It's a Korean soup made from beef bones and cuts of meat, and it's bland and lacking at firs...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views129
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  9. Dallas' Five Best Sushi Restaurants

    By Scott Reitz | Dallas Observer | 2013 July 26 I've destroyed a lot of sashimi in the last year, and I've come to believe that Dallas is an exceptional city for sushi eaters. While I wish there were a bit more innovation and culina...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views74
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  10. Asian Bakery 85 Degrees C Bakery Cafe Opens in Carrollton

    First there was Mozart Cafe, a bakery in the heart of a Korean shopping mall in Carrollton. Now there are three locations of the cafe — one in Dallas and another in Plano. Carrollton just got another Asian bakery with the opening of 8...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views1189
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  11. Shake Shack Burger to open in Dallas, 2016 September 1 at 11 A.M.

    There’s not always enough time in the day to skim a lengthy, re-worded press release that’s been stamped with “breaking” or “exclusive.” And some stories don’t warrant an entire page of prose. Each ...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views246
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  12. Six Essential Korean Fried Chicken Spots in Dallas, Ranked

    By Brian Reinhart | Dallas Observer | MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016 AT 4 A.M. Sorry, Kentucky. In Dallas, KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken. If you've never tried this deliciousness, we're here to help. What should a first-timer expect f...
    Date2016.08.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views240
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