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The latest K-POP sensation GWSN is attracting media attention in Korea. K-POP girl group GWSN is topping the Korean music charts with its title debut song Puzzle Moon.


The music video has already recorded over one million hits on YouTube only two days after it was revealed to the world.


Major news outlets in Korea have also reported on GWSN’s upcoming performance at the 2018 Dallas Korean Festival, which is scheduled for Saturday, November 10th at the H Mart shopping center in Carrollton.


The reason why the Korean Festival Committee was able to book such a red hot K-POP girl group is attributable to its ‘foresight.’


According to Jay Lee, the executive director of the festival, the committee contacted GWSN’s management company well before the group’s official debut.


“Nobody even knew who GSWN was when we first contacted them. But the fact that the group’s management company, Kiwi Entertainment, was headed by Hyung-Suk Kim, gave us confidence that GSWN would be the latest K-POP sensation in the near future.” Jay Lee said during the second committee meeting held Tuesday, September 11th.


Hyung-Suk Kim is a well-respected musician and producer is Korea.


“Thanks to Mandoo Entertainment, who contacted GSWN on our behalf, we are able to present the latest and hottest K-POP girl group to North Texans at the 2018 Dallas Korea Festival.” Jay Lee added.


According to an official with the festival committee, Kiwi Entertainment reportedly expressed its desire to cancel the performance at the 2018 Dallas Korean Festival because there is such a high demand for GSWN in Korea. Kiwi Entertainment even reportedly offered to pay penalties to have the Dallas performance cancelled.


But the festival committee refused the offer, thankfully. So, expect a red hot night of K-POP on Saturday, November 10th! The best part is that the performance is absolutely free.


For those who are not yet familiar the girl group, GWSN is a K-POP girl group that consists of Japanese, Chinese and Korean members which was formed by Kiwi Pop entertainment. The group is also known as; 公園少女(Japanese), 公园少女 (Chinese), Girls in the Park (English) and 공원소녀(Korean).


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