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By Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Asiaindallas.com


▲ Zion Market CEO Kyu-Man Hwang


Zion Market, one of major Korean grocery chains in the U.S., may open its Lewisville location sooner than initially reported.


A local Korean-American news media called ‘Korea Town News’(KTN) reported in its October 5th edition of the weekly news magazine that Zion Market may open its Lewisville Music City Mall location sooner that the second half of 2019.


KTN’s report is based on a rare one-on-one interview it conducted with the Zion Market CEO Kyu-Man Hwang last Monday, October 1st at Tom ‘N Toms Coffee Shop in Carrollton.


In early August, Asiaindallas.com and a couple of Korean-American news outlets reported that Zion Market will be opening its Lewisville location in the second half of 2019. 


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KTN’s report indicates that Hwang said during the interview that the possibility of the Lewisville location opening is “99% certain, and 1% uncertain.”


Moreover, Hwang indicated that the store may open sooner than the second half of 2019, as initially reported.


Hwang, who is from California, had been staying in Dallas for about a month preparing for construction of the former Sears building.


There have been rumors circulating in the Korean-American community about the possibility of Zion Market not being able to open the Lewisville location at all.


However, with the recent KTN interview, the rumors appear to be just that, rumors.


Stay tuned to Asiaindallas.com, as we will be delivering the latest news on Zion Market as they become available.