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by Tony Chai | Chief Editor |


▲ Douglas Kim(left) of Landmark Realty Dallas and Sr. Corporal David Kim(right) of Dallas Police Department announced plans for 7th Annual Landmark Classic Softball Game.


Dallas Police officers will ‘play ball’ with the members of the Korean-American community of Dallas, as part of the Landmark Classic.


The Landmark Classic, started in 2011 by Landmark Realty founder John Lee, is an annual event where DPD officers and members of the Dallas Korean-American community play a friendly game of softball.


The purpose of the event is to provide both parties with an opportunity to build a stronger ‘Police-community’ relationship.


Douglas Kim, head of Landmark Realty Dallas, and Sr. Corporal David Kim of DPD held a news conference Tuesday, October 23rd to announce the details of the event.


After foregoing last year’s event, Landmark Realty will host the 7th annual game on Saturday, October 27th at the Crown Park.

The Crown Park is located at 2300 Crown Rd. Dallas, near Royal Lane and Emerald Street.


Team DPD will consist of about 14 officers, including Major Bill Griffith and three sergeants. 80% of the participating officers are from the Northwest Patrol Division, where the Korea Town belongs. Officers from other divisions within the department will make up rest of the team.


Team Landmark will consist mainly of Dallas Korean Softball Association players.


An invitation has been sent to Councilman Omar Narvaez of Dallas City Council District 6 but confirmation is still pending, according Sr. Corporal David Kim.


The game will start at 10:00AM, followed by lunch and networking. Refreshments and lunch will be provided by Landmark Realty. CCB Bank is also sponsoring the event.


“As far as I can recall, the Landmark Classic is the only Police-community sports event. It gives both the Police and members of the community the opportunity to understand each other better” said Sr. Corporal Kim.


“Events like this helps lay the foundation to improve the communication between the Police and community, which ultimately proves crucial in fighting crimes” Sr. Corporal Kim added.


“Dallas Police officers work night in and night out to keep the community safe. This is one way for the Korean American community to express its appreciation for their hard work” said Douglas Kim.


Douglas Kim hopes to make Landmark Classic bigger and better in coming years and get the Korean-American community more involved.

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