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2018 Korean Festival of Dallas will feature a ‘real-life’ Korean traditional wedding.


A newly married Korean-American couple in Dallas have lived together without having a wedding ceremony.


The Korean Society of Dallas, one of many Korean-American organizations preparing for the Festival, has learned about the couple’s story and decided to feature them at the Korean traditional wedding program.


This will be a ‘real-life’ wedding ceremony and not just a ‘performance – the couple will get to say ‘I DO’ for real.


The groom is Jungsun Oh, a 35-year-old Korean-American man, and the bride is Jia Choi, a 29-year-old Korean-American lady.

The groom, who is from Dallas, met the bride in Korea a couple of years ago and have lived in Dallas together for few months now.


The wedding ceremony starts at 3:05PM, followed by Korean traditional music and dance performances.


So, come and wish the couple a happy life, while enjoying the Korean traditional wedding ceremony and cheerful performances.




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