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Well-known local caricature artists Lorin Bernsen and Amy Chandler will be drawing caricatures at this year’s Dallas Korean Festival! 


Prices start at $8 for black & white and $12 for color. You have to purchase tickets at the ticket booth first and then pay Lorin Bernsen or Amy Chandler by giving them the tickets. Tickets run for $2 each.


According to his Facebook introduction, Lorin Bernsen has more than 20 years’ experience drawing at theme parks, shopping malls, state fairs, festivals, private parties, company parties, trade shows, and many other venues. 


A lot of the jobs he’s done have been right here in Texas, but he has also had work in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even overseas in Seoul, Korea. 


Lorin served on the ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists) Board of Directors for 5 years, and was President of the organization in 2013. 


Having drawn thousands of people over the years, Lorin prides himself on getting a solid likeness, and feels privileged to do artwork for a living.


Amy Chandler has 11 years experience doing caricatures at conventions, theme parks and events. 


She was the caricature supervisor at six flags and have a BFA in drawing from UNT. 


She works in a woodshop during the weeks and draw pet and people caricatures on the weekends. 


Amy Chandler loves making people laugh with her artwork and capturing their personalities.


So, come out and join in the fun on Saturday, November 10th, in Carrollton, Texas!!



▲ Lorin Bernsen, drawing caricatures at 2017 Korean Festival of Dallas



▲ Amy Chandler, drawing caricatures at 2017 Korean Festival of Dallas