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Alex Kim(R) won the 323rd District Tarrant County Judge election by beating his opponent James C. Teel(D) 307,663 votes to 285,255, with 92.19% reporting.


Alex Kim will talk office in January, 2019. His term is 4 years.


“My win was from hard work that I started 5 years ago.  The help the Korean community was great and appreciated. This position is the juvenile judge and I will hear criminal cases of kids from age 10 to 16 and almost all the CPS cases where the state is trying to permanently remove kids from their parents” said Alex Kim.


“As a Republican, my values are that government should stay as small as possible, keeping families together and succeed by strengthening family relationships. Civil rights are important, especially when taking kids away and putting kids in youth prison.”


Korean-American community of North Texas now has three elected officials from their own community – Tina Yoo Clinton, who won the uncontested  Dallas County Criminal District Court No. 1 last night, Young Sung(Carrollton City Council), and Alex Kim.