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by Tony Chai | Chief Editor |



▲ (from left) Brian Park (General Partner of Healing Touch), Ian Hays (VP of Sales and Training for FFL), Joanne Oh (General Partner of Healing Touch), Petri Brooks (Sales Manager of Healing Touch).


Massage chairs are the latest trend in the health and wellness industry. With a massage chair at home, an entire family enjoy the physical and mental healing and relaxation for the cost of monthly visits to a massage therapist.


If you are thinking about shopping for a massage chair, you may have felt like there are hundreds of brands to choose from. But the reality is that most retailers carry only a limited selection of massage chairs in one place, thus limiting your choices.


For any consumer to make the most informed decision on a purchase, the selection means everything. That’s how Healing Touch Massage Chairs differentiates itself from other retailers.


Recently opened at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Healing Touch offers more selection of massage chairs than other any retailers in DFW.


That’s a great news for consumers because, unlike typical online purchases, you have to personally try massage chairs to select the one that fits you or your family the best. Having 10 different massage chair models in one place can definitely help you make the most informed decision.


▨ Master Distributor Furniture For Life


The secret behind Healing Touch’s ability to offer so many global brands is Furniture For Life (FFL). FFL is a company based out of Boulder, Colorado that focuses on health and wellness of people.


Its mission statement is “To make the world more comfortable place.” Coincidently, Boulder, CO is the happiest and healthiest city in U.S. according to Ian Hays, VP of Sales and training for FFL.


FFL’s way of making the world a happier place and focusing on health and wellness of people is through furniture. FFL owns brands and designs, and custom-manufacture massage chairs, gravity recliners, mattresses and other furniture that their own brands. It also procures the very best brands in the world that produce the same type of products.


For example, Panasonic, a $77 Billion a year company that’s now 101 years old, has selected FFL as the master distributor in the United States. Other global brands, such as BodyFriend, OHCO, D Core, Inada, Positive Posture, are also teaming up with FFL to distribute their products in U.S. and worldwide.


▨ Most Extensive Selection of Massage Chairs in DFW


Consumers can buy these global brand massage chairs from other retailers in DFW but no one offers the wide range of brands and models in one place like Healing Touch does.


What’s unique about Healing Touch is that it is a FFL-License store, which means that Healing Touch is the only retailer in the Dallas area, that is authorized to carry every single one of the FFL brands so the customers can make the most informed decision of all the luxury brands that FFL distributes.




▨ No Interest Financing Available


For some consumers, hefty price can be an obstacle in purchasing a massage chair. You may look at $5,000 ~ $10,000 massage chairs and say “Oh my gosh, how can I absorb spending this much?”


But if you are someone who appreciates the power of massage, think about going to massage therapist once or twice a month for $75.00 at a time.


If you break down the price of a massage chair into monthly payments, and that the massage chair can be used 7 days a week, not just by you but your whole family, you realize it’s much more affordable health and wellness than going to a massage therapist.


Healing Touch offers 3-year, no interest financing to help consumers find the massage chairs that they deserve.


▨ Not All Warranties Are Created Equal


All FFL brands come with a comprehensive 3-year all-parts and labor in-home service factory warranty. FFL prides itself with luxury products, and following it up with luxury level service. Most other companies offer warranty with ‘fine prints’, but not FFL.

FFL keeps parts on massage chairs that are discontinued for a minimum of 7 years. FFL has the industry’s best warranty and the service and parts availability. Low return/defect ratio is also a testament to FFL’s quality.




▨ Unbiased and Knowledgeable Sales Staff


“Anyone who visits Healing Touch can be confident that he or she will get a presentation from a very informed sales staff that is unbiased. They are not interested in persuading to buy one model over another. They are interested in helping you understand the different types of massage chairs and experiences that you get and helping you select whatever the right chair is for you” Ian Hays says.


All of these things are unique to Healing Touch.


“As far as I know, we are the only store that specializes in just massage chairs that are all global brands. You may have a furniture store that sells everything from kitchen tables to dinette, to TV. And they have one massage chair and it could be one of the FFL products. But there, you are not going to be able to sit at multiple chairs, and feel the differences like we do here at Healing Touch” said Brian Park, who is the general partner of Healing Touch.


“Every chair, even though they look similar, they all feel different. Buying the right massage chair is all about finding the right one for you and your body type, your desire for massage, the type of massage you want. We currently carry 8 different models in our showroom but will add 3 more models in the near future” Brian Park added.


If you plan to purchase a massage chair for you or your family, make sure to visit Healing Touch Massage Chairs and give yourself a chance to choose from the world’s best brands.


Healing Touch Massage Chairs
Located inside The Shops at Willow Bend
6121 W. Park Blvd. Suite D101, Plano, TX 75093
(located 1st level, front of Neiman Marcus)

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