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By Teresa Gubbins | Culturemap Dallas | 5.17.17




Dallas is going to have an 85-degree summer, which would be great if it were the temperature, but in this case, it refers to the ultra-hot 85°c Bakery Cafe. The Taiwanese bakery chain has a major Dallas-area expansion planned, with openings set for three northern suburbs: Richardson, Plano, and Frisco.


The bakery concept made its DFW debut in August 2016, at the Carrollton Town Center. The name refers to the company's motto that 85°C is the optimal temperature to brew coffee.


Its menu of more than 100 sweet and savory breads and pastries includes the signature, doughnutty "marble taro bun," and its "milky brioche," which is extra soft and moist.


There are Taiwanese-inspired pork sung buns, Japanese-inspired mocha bread, and European-inspired chocolate cream cheese bread. Full-size round cakes and specialty roll cakes are also available.


The Richardson location will open at 400 N. Greenville Ave., in the thick of Richardson's Chinatown neighborhood.


Plano will open at 107 W. Spring Creek Rd., at US 75, in the same center as the Asian grocery 99 Ranch Market.


And the Frisco store is opening in a new shopping center called Frisco Ranch, where it will be neighbors with a 99 Ranch Market and a branch of Daiso, the Japanese dollar store.


They've also acquired a distribution warehouse in Farmers Branch.


Part of the chain's appeal is that the goods rotate, with fresh-baked items emerging from the oven throughout the day, accompanied by staffers' announcements of "fresh bread!"


85°C is also cheap: Most items are $3 or less.


Meanwhile, the chain is celebrating a promotion with "coffee Mondays" that features its signature sea salt coffee, made from espresso, ice, sugar, and cream, not milk. Salt with coffee seems odd, but the salt is actually in the foamed cream portion; people insist the salt is "subtle."


According to a spokesperson, Plano and Richardson will open sometime in June; Frisco is coming later in the summer.

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