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▲ Korean Festival Committee members visited Carrollton City Council, which voted to provide $100,000 grant for the event.


Carrollton City Council voted to provide $100,000 grant to the 2019 Dallas Korean Festival, which is scheduled to be held Saturday, November 15th in the Carrollton Asian Town Center.


A group of Korean Festival Committee members visited Carrollton City Hall. 7 of the Carrollton City Council members voted for the resolution.


There are other items that the Korean Festival Committee has asked Carrollton City Council, including declaration of November 16th as the ‘Korean Day.’ These items will be determined at later dates.

  1. Korean American Community Participates in Carrollton Veterans Memorial ‘Buy A Brick Program’

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Dallas Chapter of the Korean National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC) purchased 42 bricks for the Carrollton Veterans Memorial. Led by president Suk Chan Yu, NUAC officials and Head of ...
    Date2019.10.18 ByAsiaInDallas Views198
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  2. H Mart Donates $30,000 to Korean Festival

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | ▲ (left to right) Jae Chul Lim(H Mart), Richard Yu(Korean Festival Committee), Soo Goo Lee(H Mart), Suk Chan Yu(Korean Festival Committee), Bong Kyung Kim(H Mart), and Wonsung Oh(Korean S...
    Date2019.10.16 ByAsiaInDallas Views76
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  3. Korean American Professional Network Kicks Off 3rd Annual College Mentoring Program

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Korean American Professional Network (KAPN) kicked off its third annual College Mentoring Program Saturday, October 12th. College Mentoring Program is designed to help Korean-American coll...
    Date2019.10.14 ByAsiaInDallas Views162
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  4. bbbop Seoul Kitchen Sponsors Lunch for 2019 Landmark Classic

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | ▲ (from left) John Lee of Landmark Realty Group, Steve Shin of bbbop Seoul Kitchen, H.K. Kim president of GDKACC. Steve Shin, owner of fusion Korean restaurant bbbop Seoul Kitchen in Dalla...
    Date2019.09.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views165
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  5. 2019 Landmark Classic, Another Success

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | The 2019 Landmark Classic was played at the Mcinnish Park in Carrollton on Saturday, September 21st. It was originally scheduled to be played at the Heritage Yards in Plano but the venue w...
    Date2019.09.27 ByAsiaInDallas Views161
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  6. 34 Teams Participate in the 2019 Dallas Korean Festival Open Audition

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | 2019 Dallas Korean Festival Committee held an open audition for individuals and teams that want to perform on the main stage of the festival. Held last Friday, September 20th at the Elite ...
    Date2019.09.25 ByAsiaInDallas Views114
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  7. 2019 Landmark Classic changes venue to Carrollton McInnish Sports Complex

    The venue for the 2019 Landmark Classic has been changed to McInnish Sports Complex in Carrollton, due to scheduling error. Everything else remains the same, with the Landmark Class game to start at 11:00AM. Related Article: 2019 Landmark C...
    Date2019.09.20 ByAsiaInDallas Views295
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  8. 2019 Landmark Classic to be played in Plano, Saturday September 21st

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | ▲ (from left to right) Officer David Kim, John Lee, Officer Tom Clayton, Chris Kim (president of Dallas Korean Softball Association) 2019 Landmark Classic will be held at the Heritage Yards in P...
    Date2019.09.17 ByAsiaInDallas Views175
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  9. Carrollton City Council OK’s $100,000 Grant for 2019 Dallas Korean Festival

    ▲ Korean Festival Committee members visited Carrollton City Council, which voted to provide $100,000 grant for the event. Carrollton City Council voted to provide $100,000 grant to the 2019 Dallas Korean Festival, which is scheduled to be h...
    Date2019.09.13 ByAsiaInDallas Views352
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  10. Korean Supermarket War to Intensify with Addition of Another Major Player, Galleria Market

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Just when you thought the Korean-American Supermarket ‘war’ in North Texas couldn’t get any more intensive, another major Korean grocer throws its hat into the ring. Gall...
    Date2019.09.11 ByAsiaInDallas Views2472
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  11. Elderly Asian woman bludgeoned 82-year-old neighbor to death: cops

    By Amanda Wood | New York Post September 10, 2019 | 12:43pm | Updated ▲ Chun Yong Oh struck 82-year-old neighbor multiple times with a brick following a dispute. An 82-year-old Maryland great-grandmother was bludgeoned to death by her 73-yea...
    Date2019.09.10 ByAsiaInDallas Views410
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  12. American Airlines to Sponsor K-Pop Together Festival in Lewisville

    Korean Band Weki Meki to Headline Event at Music City Mall Lewisville LEWISVILLE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the signing of another title sponsor, American Airlines, organizers of the K-Pop Together 2019 festival now expects to draw tens ...
    Date2019.09.05 ByAsiaInDallas Views177
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  13. ‘Zion Market Will Soft-Open on August 27th as Scheduled’ CEO Hwang Says

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | While rumors about uncertainty of Zion Market’s August 27th soft-opening of Lewisville branch is circulating in the Korean American community of North Texas, the company’s CEO gave a...
    Date2019.08.23 ByAsiaInDallas Views497
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  14. Trump administration to make it harder for low-income immigrants to stay

    Aug. 12, 2019, 8:37 AM CDT / Updated Aug. 12, 2019, 12:24 PM CDT By Jane C. Timm The Trump administration introduced a new rule Monday making it harder for low-income, legal immigrants who receive food stamps or other forms of taxpayer-fund...
    Date2019.08.19 ByAsiaInDallas Views601
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  15. Dallas Korean-Americans Celebrate 74th Anniversary of 8·15 Independence Day

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Korean-American community of North Texas celebrated 74th anniversary of 8·15 Independence Day. 8·15 Independence Day marks the restoration of Korean national independence that was ...
    Date2019.08.15 ByAsiaInDallas Views140
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  16. SXSW-like festival in Lewisville, TX? It Can Start with the 2019 K-POP Together

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | It seems like the North Texas social media world is buzzing with ‘2019 K-POP Together.’ But what exactly is it? Is it just another version of the famous Dallas Korean Festival? Most ...
    Date2019.08.15 ByAsiaInDallas Views578
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  17. Titanic Way to Thank First Responders

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | Titan Chair LLC and Dallas Korean Trade Association Donates 69 Massage Chairs to Police and Fire Departments ▲ Jeanne Smith of DKTA (left) and Michael Cha of Titan Chairs LLC (second from left) ...
    Date2019.08.09 ByAsiaInDallas Views896
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  18. Candace Valenzuela for Congress (Texas 24th District)

    Candace Valenzuela is a mother, an educator, and a lifelong Texan. She overcame incredible odds growing up, and she has since devoted her life to fighting for opportunities for others. She first ran for her local school board to improve Tex...
    Date2019.08.07 ByAsiaInDallas Views132
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  19. Will City of Carrollton Declare November 16th ‘Korean Day’?

    by Tony Chai | Chief Editor | ▲ Suk Chan Yu and Carrollton City Councilmen during the 2018 Dallas Korean Festival. (From left) Young Sung, Mike Hennefer, John Sutter, Suk Chan Yu, Steve Babick. With the 2019 Dallas Korean F...
    Date2019.08.06 ByAsiaInDallas Views319
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  20. Koreans Boycotting Japan … Why?

    As political tensions between South Korea and Japan continue to rise, a nationwide boycott against Japanese products along with protests against Japan is happening in Korea. Asian Boss hit the streets of Seoul to find out why this trade war...
    Date2019.08.05 ByAsiaInDallas Views488
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