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A grassroots organization called ‘In Solidarity’ is hosting a free screening for the Korean documentary film <Spirits’ Homecoming> TODAY, Wednesday, April 12th at the Highland Park Village Theater.

After the screening, there will be panel discussion among officials from various anti human trafficking organizations. This will be a great opportunity to raise awareness about human trafficking and women’s civil rights issues.

Panels will include Lindsey Speed (Director of Traffick911), Dr. Irie Session (News Friends, New Life), Jacqueline Zimoweski (Executive Director, Slavery Today), and Jodi Henderson (Chief Editor, Slavery Today).

Share this information among your friends, or better yet, come on out to the event and share your thoughts!

<Spirits’ Homecoming> Free Screening and Panel Discussion
When: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, 5:30PM ~ 8:30PM
Where: Highland Park Village Theater
32 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205
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Entrance Fee: Free

In Solidarity
In Solidarity is a grassroots organization working with three core tenants: community service, civic engagement, and social activism. We are active in the DFW metroplex putting on a wide array off events that serve to raise awareness for and increase action for pressing issues.



Spirits' Homecoming
"Spirits' Homecoming is a 2016 South Korean period drama film written and directed by Cho Jung-Rae. Mr. Cho got his inspiration for the film from the painting "The Burnt Virgins," which was painted by Il-Chul Gang who, as a young girl, was abused by Japanese soldiers as a "comfort woman," who were young girls and women forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied terrortories before and after WWII. 


The purpose of "Spirits' Homecoming" is to pay tribute to the 200,000+ souls who passed away while living lives of forced sexual slavery. It's goal is to report on the painful history created by Japanese imperialism in the hopes that wars will no longer rampage this Earth, creating unnecessary chaos and leaving misery in their wake. 


It is the hope of the director that the film will serve as a cultural record in an effort to remember and witness the pain of the past so that an official apology and legal damages will be provided. The staff of the film will continue to work hard in order to comfort the forty remaining victims, or "comfort women," as well as to help people from around the world to remember their suffering."


After the film concludes, we will be hosting a panel discussion to discuss the still rampant sex slave trade as well as how we can recognize and combat sex trafficking here at home.

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