Are you Interested in selling food or promoting your business or organizations at 2018 Dallas Korean Festival? If so, you might want to consider renting booths.


2018 Dallas Korean Festival Committee is renting booths for $1,000 or $1,500.


$1,000 booth is for businesses or organizations that want to promote themselves at the festival.


For those that want to sell food or other items, it’s $1,500 per booth. 10% of the revenue will automatically go to the 2018 Dallas Korean Festival Committee to cover their costs to run the event.


If you rent two booths, the price is $2,500.


There is no limit in term of how many businesses of the same industry can rent booths.


For reservation, contact the Korean Society of Dallas at 972-241-4524.


2018 Dallas Korean Festival is schedule for Saturday, November 10th at the Carrollton H Mart rear parking lot.




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