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by Andy Tran | Chief Editor |




Have you tried the Korean traditional rice-wine called ‘Mock-Gull-Lee’?


Mock-Gull-Lee is a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage native to Korea. 


It is made from rice or wheat mixed with ‘Nuruk’, a Korean fermentation starter.


It has a milky, off-white color and is about 6~8% alcohol by volume. 


Mock-Gull-Lee is traditionally made from rice, although variations are made from wheat, and some brands are flavored with corn, chestnut, apple or other produce.


In Korea, it has recently become more popular in cities, especially with the younger generations.


Some of the best side dishes (called Ahn-Joo in Korean) for Mock-Gull-Lee are Pa-Jeon and Bin-Day-Tok, both of which can be characterized as ‘Korean pan cake.’



▲ Seafood Pa-Jeon and Mock-Gull-Lee


Korean bar and Karaoke Dansungsa in Carrollton is currently offering Mock-Gull-Lee special. You can order peach-flavored Mock-Gull-Lee for $2.99 plus tax.


I personally prefer the regular flavored Mock-Gull-Lee, because Mock-Gull-Lee is already sweet as is, and I don’t want any fruity flavor added to make it even sweeter.


Well, pay a visit to Dansungsa this weekend and explore!




Hours: 5:30PM ~ 2:30AM
T. 682-888-2552

2540 Old Denton Rd. #300, Carrollton, TX 75006

(Inside the shopping mall where 99Ranch is located)


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