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  1. Healing Touch Offers Most Extensive Selection of Massage Chairs in DFW

    Date2019.12.08 ByAsiaInDallas Views210
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  2. Healing Touch Massage Chairs, Coming Soon to The Shops at WillowBend Plano

    Date2019.11.11 ByAsiaInDallas Views191
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  3. Sōl Massage Chair - Get the energy you need everyday!

    Date2019.10.28 ByAsiaInDallas Views47
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  4. Experience True Zero Gravity® with a push of a button

    Date2019.10.23 ByAsiaInDallas Views33
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  5. World’s No.1 Massage Chair Coming to Plano, TX

    Date2019.10.21 ByAsiaInDallas Views136
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  6. Sugary drink sales plummeted in Philadelphia after soda tax - CNN

    Date2019.05.18 ByAsiaInDallas Views104
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  7. Botox, Fillers and Peels, Oh My...

    Date2019.05.09 ByAsiaInDallas Views379
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  8. Identifying Fake Skin News by “Dr Kim”, MD, FAAD

    Date2019.04.29 ByAsiaInDallas Views882
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    Date2019.04.16 ByAsiaInDallas Views1282
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  10. New Dermatologist in Town - Dr. Kim MD, FAAD

    Date2019.04.12 ByAsiaInDallas Views270
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  11. Dr Kim Column: Just sun spots, or melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer?

    Date2019.04.01 ByAsiaInDallas Views567
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  12. Frisco Smiles Dentistry

    Date2019.03.09 ByAsiaInDallas Views129
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  13. Teen vaping continues to rise while other drug use declines, survey finds

    Date2018.12.18 ByAsiaInDallas Views73
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  14. Douglas Won, M.D. DFW’s premier orthopedic regenerative specialist and minimally invasive spine surgeon

    Date2018.11.08 ByAsiaInDallas Views90
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  15. Eversmile Dental strives for patient-oriented, meticulous dental care

    Date2018.10.29 ByAsiaInDallas Views232
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  16. Can coffee really sober you up?

    Date2018.10.29 ByAsiaInDallas Views71
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  17. Nutritionists rank Halloween candy from better to worst

    Date2018.10.29 ByAsiaInDallas Views168
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